Our Philosophy
Women deserve to feel...

Jane brings women together in the spirit of compassion, providing them the courage to tackle their futures. Our hope is to build and nourish a web of women who will be kind and compassionate towards each other, knowing that together, standing shoulder to shoulder, we are the greatest force of nature. At I-Am-Jane, be inspired, feel empowered and meet amazing women who are giving back to their communities.

The movement began with a formidable idea and powerful vision by Jane Owner & CEO, Lynn Tilton. She was inspired by a field of flowers blossoming, expanding and multiplying, under the warmth and glow of the sunlight, creating an unstoppable energy that not only ignites, but is contagious.

Jane believes that true beauty comes from giving back, that compassion is contagious and our company should be dedicated to helping our neighbors in need. For every Jane cosmetics sold, Jane will donate one equal beauty product to a local woman’s shelter to give the gift of confidence. Buy-One, Give-One To A Neighbor In Need.

This past holiday season, our team of celebrity style experts traveled the country, visiting women in shelters to provide celebrity makeovers, gift care packages and inspire women to see their futures.

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